Kidz Retreat is a family owned Childcare Centre located in the heart of Geraldton. Kidz Retreat is extremely close to Centre Owner, Daneale Thompson’s heart, as the purpose-built Centre was designed, built and operated by her mother and father opening late 2000. At this point Daneale commenced her career within the childcare industry while her younger siblings attended the Centre. Years passed and Daneale’s family watched the Centre change hands a few times before Daneale had the opportunity to purchase the Centre in late 2013, renaming the Centre its original name, Kidz Retreat. Adding her personal touch Daneale turned the Centre into a cozy home away from home for many Geraldton children. Daneale has now had the chance to watch her daughters grow up within the same Childcare Centre as her siblings did 23 years ago, sharing many precious moments.

Daneale’s primary concern when setting up the Centre was to provide ‘quality’ environments and programs for children to experience.  This is evident in several ways:

  • The curriculum design is of a high standard;
  • The staff display genuine care and attention for each child;
  • Our outside environment is well-maintained and portrays a natural setting, which includes secluded areas for children to talk to each other, bike paths, mud kitchens, cubby houses to support role play, an open area for children to run, climbing areas for children to extend their physical development and exploratory areas for children to investigate.
  • We also encourage children to help us build vegetable and flower gardens as well as caring for our animals.
  • We are very proud that the service has received Meeting National standards in 2019. This is part of the new Accreditation system introduced into Australia as a National Standard in June 2012.

Welcome again, 

Daneale Thompson