Good Evening Daneale,

I just wanted to share with you a special moment I experienced today while picking Anton up.

Warning though, it will end sounding extremely soppy!

Today I walked out into the playground to the most beautiful sight. All the kids were running around chasing and laughing at the noise Matt’s drill was making. Hugs were getting exchanged left right and centre and all the kids were so excited to see everyone’s parents. So much chatter about what everyone was doing when they went home. Such a simple sight but, to me, the most special.

Over the last week or two, my anxiety has weighed me down a little about whether or not Anton has enough friends. Probably a bit of a bizarre topic I know, but as I’m sure you know Anton is such a happy social little boy, he’d make friends with anything! We only have my mum as family and most of our friends don’t have kids, so I worry sometimes if that happy social kid feels a bit lost and lonely.

I have of course spoken to the ladies several times and they assure me that they all play wonderful together, and of course I don’t doubt them, but I still worry.

Since Anton has started at Kidz Retreat, he has absolutely blossomed! I cannot sing You and your staff praises enough. Anton comes home telling me all about his day, what he’s done and who he’s played with. It is so heart-warming. I have never once been made like my questions or concerns are silly and someone is always there to listen. That alone is priceless.

Walking out to that sight today, is something YOU should be extremely proud of. You need to know how important Kidz Retreat is to us as a small family. Be proud to know your staff are making such an impact on all these kids’ lives. What I saw today, Anton’s not lonely, he was laughing and smiling and so excited to tell me everything! Something we wouldn’t have without Kidz Retreat. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you provide something so special to this little boy.

That moment today, wiped away all of my concerns. I literally cried with happiness the whole way home.


Sam, Paul, Connor, Emma & Ruby

Daneale could you please pass on this message to the staff, I know there is still some time before Ruby finishes and I will thank each of them individually before then but I wanted them to know before Christmas how special they all are xx I owe so much to the staff, past and present for helping Ruby get to where she is today. There has always been someone there to give her a cuddle when I drop her off, someone to tell me how her day was and all the fun things she did. She achieved many milestones whilst attending day care and I will be forever grateful to the staff for nurturing and supporting Ruby this past few years. Having worked with you all at the centre for a few days it confirmed even more to me how hard you all work to look after our children and how truly exhausting, yet extremely rewarding that job is. I take my hat off to all the ladies at Kidz Retreat, you have no idea how incredible you all are. Our children look up to you and learn so much from you, you get to see our children grow up and influence them in many positive ways. I know I have often come in and dumped a lot of information on you concerning Ruby but you all took it in your stride and did your very best to help her achieve her goals. So I’d like to say thank you to every one of you from the bottom of my heart and keep up the great work. Ruby will soon start off on a new adventure at kindy.As sad as I am to see her leave you guys I’m so proud and excited for her to be starting Kindy and I know she will do well because she has had such a great bunch of teachers who have given her a big head start! Thank you Love and Best wishes Sam, Paul, Connor, Emma and Ruby

Sarah Hansen

My son Chevy has attended this centre since he was 18 months old he is now 5, my daughter Montanna also has been attending the centre since she was 6 months old she is now 2, During this time I cannot emphasis the professionalism and approachable staff that work at Kidz Retreat, the love and care that the girls there show is just awesome, not only do I have complete faith in the care with regards to my children but have the upmost respect and gratitude for the time that they devote to my children, my children love attending the centre and I would highly recommend this centre to anyone wanting excellent quality family feeling child care for their children, they are the best in town. I as a mother cannot thank them enough for all the love and care that they give my children, thank you again xx Sarah Hansen

Jo Keemink

My daughter Finlay (2) attends Kidz Retreat 3 days a week, my other daughter Sydney (4) goes on a casual basis. The centre recently underwent a change in owner and name, however I was not concerned as the centre is a family owned and run business and it stayed that way when Daneale bought the business. During this process, Daneale has been amazing in her endeavours to ensure we have been kept up to date with the changeover process. It all went very smoothly. It is always a hard decision for parents when deciding to put their children into some form of daycare as you worry that they will not be cared for the same as you would do. Well from the moment you walk into Kidz Retreat you are greeted with big smiles and the noise of happy children. We have developed a very close relationship with our daughters’ carers. I feel at ease knowing that both girls, when they attend, are very well looked after. The centre has a very organised schedule, which is clearly displayed every day. The day is mixed with educational activities, indoor and outdoor playtime, story time, nap time and beautifully prepared hot meals daily for lunch. This routine is very important to me as I am a school teacher and have a clear expectation of what I would like my child to be engaging in. All of the activities that are chosen are designed to enhance the EYLF outcomes of your child, which is very important for the social, emotional and academic growth of young children. Finlay is very academic so our focus for 2013 was to enhance her social skills and her confidence to join in. The centre was very welcoming in helping us develop situations where she could practise those skills. My eldest daughter will be attending primary school full time next year and it would be much easier for us to move Finlay to a centre closer to her school, but we feel that Kidz Retreat is so well run and so friendly that she will continue to attend and grow there. Kind regards Jo Keemink

Jasmah (Indi’s mum)

Listening to my daughter tell me about her day at Kidz Retreat makes me smile and melts my heart. She chats about her friends, the carers and all the ‘amazing’ things she does. Daneale and her wonderful staff are all super friendly, understanding and very accommodating to all my wishes. They deal with issues and incidences quickly and with care. I love being able to go to work re-assured that my daughter is being looked after and nurtured and to have a happy kid come home with me at the end of the day. Thanks Daneale & Team


Hi Daneale, I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the wonderful care that you and your staff have given Yasmin this year. We chose Kidz Retreat when looking for child care because we loved the focus on outdoor play and the individualised care given to the children, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! We really appreciate the attention the staff give to Yasmin’s interests when planning activities – we loved the bird mobiles and craft activities with birdseed when she was going through her fascination with birds – and appreciate that we can always speak to one of her carers if we need to when we phone during the day. We also love the healthy home cooked meals provided for her each day – one less thing to think about when I’m running out the door in the morning! Thanks again, Ruth


I was so nervous about returning to work after the birth of my first child, Olivia. I had planned to take ten months maternity leave and before I knew it that time was coming to an end. I walked through and researched several centres before I came across the Kidz Retreat. Each of the centres that I considered had there positives and most of them seemed as though they would provide great care for Olivia but the Kidz Retreat felt right from the minute we walked in. The staff are so friendly and caring and you can see how genuine there interaction with the children is. I go to work knowing that Olivia is safe and happy and without that I wouldn’t be going to work at all. I have recommended the Kidz Retreat to my friends who are also returning to work and will tell anyone who will listen how wonderful the Kidz Retreat is.