Our Nursery Two room caters for our older babies that are aged between 12 months and 24 months with a lovely sized indoor environment, bathroom with change facilities and a small kitchenette for bottle preparations. Natural sunlight brightens the room as it shines through the large glass sliding door, which leads out to the large outdoor play space which is shared with our first nursery.

We have a ratio of one Early Childhood Educator to four children. Nursery Two is run by three of our devoted Educators, one holds their Diploma in Children Services and Care while our other two Educators are both working towards completing their Diploma’s in Children Services and Care. All three Educators together bring many years’ experience both within a childcare setting but also as mothers themselves.


Nursery Two children are encouraged to learn through play and discovery in a stimulating environment. This is reflected by the layout of the room and the resources and toys that the children have access to. Bonding and building trusting relationships with the educators is essential within this room for the children to feel safe, secure and respected in their environment and to thrive in their development.

Nursery Two children are eager and need to physically explore and investigate the world. They need to test out materials, practice with tools and be exposed to exciting drama, music and language experiences. We believe in supporting children’s play by creating rich learning spaces inside and outside. We believe that interaction with a wide variety of open ended natural and recycled materials create opportunity for enquiry, creativity and learning. We believe in supporting children’s engagement in the visual arts, music and dance through regular opportunities to play with high quality materials each day.


The main core learning focus within Nursery Two involve learning to use oral language correctly, learning to become independent individuals, and learning to care for themselves by developing the basic self-help skills, which includes washing their own hands, eating independently and packing away after playtime. Gross motor and fine motor skills are also a core development focus that the staff emphasize within Nursery Two, this involves intentional sensory activities to improve grip and hand-eye coordination, alongside outdoor activities to assist the children to walk, run and jump. The curriculum within Nursery Two surrounds the following:

Self-Help Skills

Young toddlers love their independence; therefore, we believe it is important to allow the children to explore and learn independently.

Modelling and talking to the children about key self-help skills are essential to promote and master independence and autonomy, which is a daily occurrence. It is important for the children to learn about self-help skills so they are able to manage their own well-being and grow in being responsible for themselves.