The purpose of this fee policy is to outline the guidelines surrounding fees and the responsibilities of all parties.

  • Parents to be given a schedule of fees upon enrolment
  • Parents will be given 2 weeks’ notice of impending fee increases. We try to schedule increases on an annual basis, the 1st Monday in July.
Enrolment Fee
On acceptance of a childcare place all families will be required to pay a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $60 per child, this will be charged only once at enrolment. This is to cover the costs of your child’s hat, sunscreen, medical supplies, Welcome pack and other sundries that are supplied by the Centre including incursions arranged by the Centre.
Bond Payment
  • When a place is accepted and a date identified for the commencement of care for a new child, the bond is required to be paid. The bond is $200 per child.
  • Kidz Retreat will hold the bond until the family leaves the service, the Centre requires 2 weeks written notice of cancelation of enrolment, a refund of the bond will be processed once all Child Care Subsidy has been finalised.
Notice Periods
  • Any request to reduce or terminate an enrolment is subject to two weeks’ notice in writing
  • When leaving the service, the last day/s of care (as per written notice given) cannot be as absence; CCS cannot be paid for an absence if this occurs and full fees will be charged.
Enrolment Patterns
  • On acceptance of an enrolment, families will be offered a regular pattern of use. Attendance patterns may be between one and five days, Monday to Friday. We encourage families to consider a minimum booking of two days, as we find that children are more settled in this instance.
  • Request to change an enrolment (increase or swap days) is subject to the two-week notice period and can only be accommodated where a vacancy exists and licensing requirements can be maintained. If the request is unable to be fulfilled the request will be recorded on the internal waiting list and will be offered if the request is available in the future.
  • Casual/Additional days can be booked providing a vacancy exists and licensing requirements can be maintained- additional days will be charged as per the current fee schedule.
Absences (initial 42 days)
  • CCS is paid for up to 42 absence days for each child per a financial year, absence days are referred to as ‘Initial 42 days’ absence’.
  • Each child receives a new set of initial 42 absences days at the beginning of the financial year.
  • These absence days can be taken for any reason
Public holidays
  • Public holidays are charged at the normal daily rate
  • Public holidays are counted as an absence day if the child would normally have attended the service on that day.
Additional Absences
Once all of the initial 42 absences days have been used, CCS will also be payable for absences taken for the following reasons:
  • Illness (with medical cert)
  • Shared care arrangements- copy of documentation required
  • Periods of local emergency
Absence days taken for the above reasons, after the first 42 absence days have been used, are called “Additional Absence Days”. There is no limit on the number of these days for which CCS may be paid as long as they are taken for the reasons specified above and supporting documentation is provided.
General Fee information
  • Childcare fees are charged for days booked, regardless of whether the child attends the Centre.
  • Normal fees are payable for all public holidays if a public holiday falls on your usual enrolled day.
  • Fees are payable by parents/guardians as agreed on the enrolment forms. All accounts must be paid weekly and a nil balance achieved.
  • Statements of childcare usage are emailed monthly- showing fee payments received, CCS (in some cases estimation)
  • Payments of fees will be direct debited from a nominated bank account or credit card using Debit Success.
Payment of Fees (Debit Success)
  • All Parent/Guardians are required to pay fees through Debit Success – direct debit from a nominated cheque/savings account or credit card. Credit Card surcharges do apply.
  • Direct Debit must be arranged prior to the child commencing care – Written authority is required and must be made on the appropriate Direct Debit Authority form provided in the enrolment pack.
  • Direct Debits will occur weekly for childcare usage for that week.
  • It is the responsibility of the family to ensure that sufficient funds are available and that the correct bank account details are provided to ensure that fees are processed smoothly each week.
  • Any charge or fee incurred as a result of insufficient funds being available will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • Should a direct debit be unsuccessful you will be required to immediately bring fees up to date in the next week’s payment cycle, along with a $10 dishonor fee charged by Kidz Retreat. Debit Success will charge a dishonour fee of $19.95 directly to clients.
Late Collection Fees
  • A penalty of $30.00 for 15 minutes or part thereof, and $5.00 per minute after the first 15 minutes, will be charged if any child is left after the session and/or closing times (5.30pm). This is to cover the educators’ overtime that must be paid.      
NOTE: Child Care Subsidy does not apply to this charge.
Debt Collection
  • If at any stage, you experience financial difficulties, please speak with Daneale Buckley immediately. We may be able to offer a negotiated payment plan option for families genuinely in need of assistance to ensure the gradual payment of fees.
  • Failure to make agreed payments will lead to the termination of the enrolment and instant referral to an authorized Debt Collection Agency.
  • Families who leave the Centre with an outstanding account will be forwarded a final invoice to the last advised address for payment within 7 days. Failure to make such payment will result in referral to an Authorized Debt Collection Agency; with all fees and charges incurred by the Centre in the recovery of the debit charged in full to the debtor.
Family Assistance FAQ
Child Care Subsidy The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) helps families with the cost of child care for long day care, family day care, occasional care, outside school hours’ care, vacation care and registered care. Child Care Subsidy is available to all clients eligible under the Commonwealth government’s criteria for the scheme. Kidz Retreat is registered to deduct the CCS directly to help reduce fees on a weekly basis. Please see the below link to assess your eligibility. For more information click here