Here at Kidz Retreat we believe open communication between parents and our educators is a high priority. We encourage parents to share any information relating to their child with staff when they are delivering their child to the Centre. Likewise, our staff will inform parents about their child’s day when they are being collected. Parents are welcome to call the Centre at any time throughout the day to find out how their child is.

Each child has an online learning journal, here parents have 24-hour access to contribute to their child’s learning needs, view photos, observations, the day’s happening, sleep times, meals and much more.

For information on upcoming events and programs, and any changes in the Centre- parents are provided with regular emails and a notice on our Centre’s front door.

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EarlyWorks is a comprehensive early childhood programming, documentation, portfolio and family communication system. We use EarlyWorks to document your child's learning experiences allowing you to stay connected throughout the day via your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

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