Additional Programs

Here at Kidz Retreat we run a few extra programs alongside the room programs, such as;


Each term we invite a teacher/coach/trainer/instructor to facilitate a 30minute lesson within each of our age groups. Some of these incursions are, but not limited to; a Dance teacher, Music Teacher, Tennis Coach, Children’s Yoga instructor and much more. Not only do these activities support children to have a strong sense of identity but they also support children to become involved within their local community.

ELLA Program

For the second year in a row Kidz Retreat has been successful long side 1300 Schools/Kindergartens/Childcare Centre’s within Australia to have access and facilitate an Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) Program which has been developed by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

This app enhances the development of children’s social and language skills in the early years, along with developing confidence in learning a second language. Children attending our 4 year-old Kindergarten program have access to the ELLA app, learning Indonesian with the support from not only our 2 Early Childhood Teachers and the ELLA app via supplied iPads, but our amazing Food Coordinator is from Bali, Indonesia!!

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